Joey City, '3on3 Freestyle' New Content 'Regular Tournament' Update

3on3 Freestyle- How To Build Comp Joey and My Full Build Shown #721 Joey City (Representative Cooperative Won) announced on the 14th that it has updated regular tournament content in the basketball game '3on3 Freestyle (3on3 Freestyle ".

A regular tournament is a new content that is compensated for the final grades through the contention between the user. Users of level 20 or higher can participate in a certain coin.

Users can use food items that make up their lineup with the team members they want, and provide a variety of buff effects during the game. In addition, there is a separate tournament rating in amateur, semi-professional, and pro, and can be challenged in accordance with their own skills.

In addition, eager buff events that increase 100% of coin acquisition during the weekend, commemorate Easter, will proceed. In addition, the "Easter Jersey set shopping bag", which is characterized in that, with a limited period of time, is expected to be present.

Joey City Freestyle Business Headquarters Kim Kyung-tae said, "The regular tournament is a content that provides a different fun with rich rewards," said, "" You can feel a competitive game with your opponent with a similar level with yourself, and you can feel a new charm It is expected that it is said, "he said.