Halo Infinite multiplayer should go in one direction that many were angry

It takes a few days for a few days to start in Halo Infinite Season 2. With the new content available in it, the multiplayer is to be breathed into a fresh wind, which has been noticeably lost in the past few weeks and months. It would also have been a lot of fresh wind for the Halo series if the multiplayer had gone in a direction that an insider has now unveiled.

Because, according to a tweet of the podcaster Chris Ray Gun , 343 industries apparently intended to set up an "Overwatch clone" with the infinite multiplayer. The shooter should therefore contain heroes with asymmetrical and different skills that would then have competed against each other in arena matches.

"Several hero-based prototypes"

Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier confirmed on Reddit that 343 had worked on several "hero-based prototypes". At a later time of the development, however, it was decided to rely on a multiplayer in the current form.

And even if it is still rumors, this development is probably quite a good thing, because a Hero shooter would have brought the die-hard fans of the series onto the palm. The reason: The nuclear fascination of the first Halo multiplayers included the identical starting requirements for every player. You started with the same weapon setup and then tried to provide an advantage on the cards with the help of the (power) weapons placed there.

already criticism of Season 2

A Hero system with different skills would probably have thrown this concept completely over the pile and might have been convenient for a separate offshoot, but not for a main part of the series. The team should certainly have spared a lot of criticism that 343 Industries ultimately decided on a rather traditional orientation.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta check: Oude tijden herleven... Here you can see the new Season 2 game modes:

However, the fan community still gives the fan community because of the Roadmap for the second season of the shooter that has been published so far. At first it only brings two new maps and a handful of new game modes, we have to be patient until the end of summer until the announced co-op campaign. The official start of the second season is on May 3, 2022.

Would you like a halo-hero shooter?