Halo Infinite loses another director

Halo Infinite Loses Another Game Director After Delay Amidst Troubled Development

According to a recent report, 343 industries continues to cross turbulence periods because it has lost another important member working on Halo Infinite. The director of 343 Industries Studio and Halo Infinite, Chris Lee, left the team to examine other opportunities, but says he trusts the team and the game that will now come out in 2021. Halo Infinite will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC, and will join the extensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate next year.

"I moved away from infinite and I look at future opportunities," said Chris Lee. "I believe in the team and I am convinced that it will offer an excellent game and it is now the right time for me to get away." Given the fact that many developers of 343 industries leave the team, it seems that Halo Infinite can be delayed more, depending on the quantity of the outsourced game. The team lost several members during the development of Halo Infinite, including the Tim Longo Creation Director and the Executive Producer Mary Olson.

"Chris Lee remains a Microsoft employee and although he moved away from Halo: Infinite for the moment, we appreciate everything he did for the project to date," said a recent official communiqué of Microsoft. Although there is a Microsoft employee, it seems that Chris Lee is looking for other opportunities and it's currently hard to know whether or not they will go to another Xbox Game Studio or leave completely. Microsoft was originally hoped outside Halo Infinite in 2020, but 343 industries had to delay the game due to development problems.

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