H4 Blixen Warzone Unlock - so unlock the SMG of the season 3

Call of Duty Warzone does not just get a new assault rifle in Season 3, there is also a new experimental SMG that appears in a mid-season update. If you want to know more about the activation of H4 Blixen Warzone, you are exactly right with us. Just remember that it is worth considering new weapons for your best Warzone Loadouts - they always affect the Warzone Meta.

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The Call of Duty Blog describes this weapon as "Blowback SMG", which uses a "9 x 19 mm cartridge" and shares design techniques with both the sten and pPSH 41. So expect something special. But before we talk about whether this will be one of the best warzone weapons at the start, we need to know what the players have to do H4 Blixen Warzone .

So read on, and we will inform you about everything you need to know about how to add this weapon of your armory.

H4 Blixen Warzone unlock

Players who want to get this weapon in their hands can do this Turn off the H4 blixes in Warzone by completing a SMG-based challenge in the game in season 3.

At the moment we do not know what this challenge will demand from the players - it is added in a midseason update to both warzone and Vanguard. However, when the H4 blixes will be released, players can also get him in their hands by buying a store bundle containing a weapons plan for this SMG.

Well, that's all we know about the H4 blixes. While we are waiting for more information, see everything we know about the Godzilla event in Warzone before the release date of Operation Monarch - you will not be disappointed.