e Sports relay in pleasant PPL, gamer mind

There is a lot of broadcasts or dramas that are vigorous with excessive PPLs, and are free from these controversial and vaginals. It is E-sports. In particular, the contents advertisement that Africa's TV recently wrote is especially a hot topic. Beyond simple ads, it is showing a unique way to leave the "Mim" to enjoy the users.

Unlike existing advertisements that convey the contents of the content type to be displayed unilaterally, the content type advertisement is an ad format that naturally melt the brands to the contents that users like and enjoy. It is close to the power generation type of PPL, which was simply on exposing the product or product. Based on the communication culture of Internet broadcasting, the advertisements are enjoying the advertisement with one content, and the users are actively consuming and participating.

In particular, content advertising in e-sports is more effectively acting on a strong MZ house that is impersonated to the implications of their favorite. Content ads based on the play culture of MZ generations are naturally attracting users of users and participation. In fact, the response of E-sports reversal and real time in real time was that it became Mim among people.

Advertisement time with MEME (MEME) 'Hot Six Time'

If you have the most representative content advertisement among them, it is 'Hot Six Time' that can be easily found in the African TV e sports league. As a advertisement to enjoy the scene where the relays are drinking Hot Six drinks, the advertisement has been in advance since 2016, since Hot Six has been achieved since the official sponsoring the various e-sports competitions of African TV.

Hot Six Time emphasizes the advertisement of the time, and the relays are awkward. It is not to expose a naturally prepared drink, but a "hot ceremony" to drink and drink a drink. It is not an advertisement in accordance with the schedule format, but every time I have a game every time I have a lot of awkwardness to live in the situation when I have a game.

In fact, 'Today', I need energy, "I need energy because it will be a long time. The hot ceremony of the hot food, which is the awkwardness of the awkwardness of the mentor or Lim Sung Chun, is a scene that can not be missed if it is a hot ceremony. Thanks to this, the 'Hot Six Show', 'Castle Shun Show' was also caused.

Battle Ground Chicken Time with relaying

There was also a content ad that utilized 'chicken' meme of battle ground. Especially, Neenican ads, which have officially sponsored the African TV battle ground destruction, is typical. At the time, the relay that was in progress was in progress for a while to use the time for a moment to maintain the time of the "Neene Custom Time". The relay was a advertisement that the relay was directly ordered to Neenchin, and the new menu was made and proceeded to the food.

RGE vs. G2 - Finals | LEC Spring | Rogue vs. G2 Esports | Game 1 (2022)

Although it was an explicit advertisement, the effect was a bit. I was accepted without a sense of rejection, because the relay was dedicated to the recombination of the chicken while eating chicken. In the meantime, the exponential exponent committee of the high-purpose scavengent menu was a bit of a bitter that was suffering from spicy taste during eating. Kim Dong-jun's commentary, who was shy and shy in an explicit advertisement, was also white.

Many fans had a good fans to search for the scene directly to see the advertising video at the time, and they have done this on the Neeneican side and placed it on YouTube by doing it. For reference, the relay image was recorded near 5 million, and there are many fans who are still looking for video to feel the impression at the time.

Waiting advertising will continue to come out

Actually, it is not a sport that excessive PPL exposure is unconditionally matched. If the ads of inappropriate or the advertisement of the game are continued, the viewers will leave. Rather, there is a possibility that lives and controversies are more likely to controversial. However, at least the recent E-sports show the advertisement that you want to see than the advertisement that you want to see, you want to see the advertisement that you want to see, I look forward to seeing a lot of Conconic Gents ads that can be more easily and more fun.


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