Elden Ring: Should one accept or reject Melina's agreement?

At the beginning of Elden Ring, a mysterious figure named Melina offers you an agreement, and the game gives you the opportunity to either accept or reject your offer. Elden Ring is a very irreconcilable game, and as this decision falls very early in the game, many players wonder if they should trust this woman ever. However, if you have played a fromSoftware game in the past, you know that this selection is only part of the process. However, you can miss important items and functions if you decide wrong. So here is what you need to know about Melina's agreement in Elden Ring.

Melina Elden Ring | Should You Accept Or Refuse?

Do you want to accept Melina's agreement in Elden Ring?

If you rest in your third place of grace in Elden Ring, Melina will appear and offer you an agreement. She wants you to escort her to the ground tree, in exchange for she plays the role of your Maid. That does not tell you much at this time in the game, but you should really agree Melinas approval.

With Melina you increase in Elden Ring. Without them, you can not spend no runes to improve your attributes and get stronger on your journey, which keeps you captive effectively on Level 1 if you do not bite you. You also give you Torrent, your faithful Ross, with which you can travel much faster through The Lands Between. Say best yes to Melina.

What happens when you reject Melina?

If you reject Melina in Elden Ring, you can not upgrade and get no horse. However, this decision is not final, and you can talk to Melina again in any place of grace when you change your mind. There is no funny experience without stacking horse on stage 1, so it really makes no sense to reject Melina in Elden Ring, unless you make a kind of challenge.

ELDENRING is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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