Nordic mythology Survival "Valheim" Immoves ice caves at PTB. New adventures and full controller support and pause function wait for buffet

Iron Gate Studio started delivery of PTB (Public Test Build, A PTB) of " VALHEIM " on February 16. In addition to the mounting of the cave of ice, which is a new dungeon, fine balance adjustments and the like are added.

"Valheim" is a survival game with Nordic mythology and buffet. It is an object of the present invention to provide an order to a chaotic world while defeating the enemy due to the primary Odin. In this PTB delivery, a number of new content including a new dungeon was added, and bug improvements and balance adjustments were performed.

The Frost Caves (ice cave) added to this PTB is one of the dungeons generated on the biom, as well as the mausoleum and the burial chamber. Internally, as a new monster, a BAT similar to bat, ULV like a wolf, and a ternary CULTIST that manipulates a magical attack. By defeating these monsters, new items such as Red Jute and ULV TROPHY may be dropped. By using the item, it is possible to craft new architectural items such as red carpet. In addition, crystals are generated as valuable material inside the ice cave. The item could now be raised so far to defeat the Stone Golem. The appearance of the new dungeon is the form of a new acquisition.

Besides, a large number of additional adjustments are added. One of the solo play is introduced to the solo player. So far, when pausing the game, it could only be dealt with enough to close the software, so it would be nice to be a temporary suspension. In addition to the controller's full support and optimization to Steam Deck, detailed adjustments were added, such as improvement of bugs and improvement of QOL.

Sweden's Iron Gate Studio developed "Valheim" from the release after the start of early access from February 2nd, 2021, leaves 5 million copies for one month (related articles). A month after the following five months, 8 million were recorded. Also, just 13 days from the start of early access delivery, STEAM reviews will gather more than 40,000 and record "overwhelming popular" (related articles). Success was successful in the commercial and evaluation surfaces with threatness.

This work with such explosive popularity has reached the 1st anniversary of the release on February 2, 2022. On the same day, Iron Gate Studio's CEO Richard Svensson, Josefin Berntsson, a community manager, Josefin Berntsson, an artist Robin Eyre, a video "One Year" that looks back on the game development so far in front of the fireplace Of Valheim: Fireside Chat "is released. In a measure of about 30 minutes, in addition to gratitude to users, future prospects were spoken. In the STEAM news released in conjunction with the 1st anniversary of the release, we posted an article that "further adventure is waiting!" The latest information on the update "Mistlands" wrapped in mysterious veils is reported, and it was suggested that the content will be expanded and adjusted in the long run.

"Valheim" is delivered for 2050 yen for PC (STeam) for early access. Several cautions have been published in the STEAM page for the current PTB currently underway. According to this, the new content added to the world is not backward compatible with the past version. Therefore, it is recommended that you back up save data in advance if you start PTB from now on. Please check the STEAM page for more detailed introduction.