NEW WORLD: February update is on the PTR

The Developers of Amazon Games continues to work on making a really good online role-playing game from New World. Other genre representatives with launchers, such as Final Fantasy 14 and The Elder Scrolls Online, have impressively demonstrated in recent years that it is possible.

NEW WORLD: February update is on the PTR

  1. 1February update on the PTR
  2. 2 focus on outdoor post tower
  3. 3What is still planned?

February update on the PTR

The next step towards this goal will be the big February patch, which has recently landed on the public test server. An important focus of the update are the planned improvements for the combat system:

  • Weapon change

    • Weapons can now be changed during reactions, evasion, locomotion and the use of consumables (except weapons coatings) and no longer interrupt these actions! In these cases, there is a cooldown of 1 second for weapons change to prevent instant weapons spamming.
    • Weapon change and attacks can now be placed in the queue at the same time! For example, if you press weapons change during the recovery after an attack and immediately afterwards a skill button, the weapon is changed at the first change termination frame and then immediately executed the desired craft. Actions still have buffers and cancel windows, but this change makes the combination of weapons change and skill activation easier and more reliable.
    • We can now prevent weapon change buffers from being aborted when you get into tumbling before the weapon is changed.
  • Dodge & Block

    • We shortened the recreational time for all evasion actions! Staying and switching to navigation should now feel more fluid for all players.
    • The beginning of simple close and ranged attacks can now be broken up to 2 frames before the first active frame by dodging or blocking. This is typically the first animation frame, in which the damage hit form is activated or spawnt the projectile / hitscan object.
  • Leap

New World February PTR Update Testing And Comparison! (Insane Results) * Jumping of lower objects now no longer triggers a complete landing animation, which allows you to move more momentum through Aeternum. * Changes in the game balance * We have passed all weapon types and a number of skills and effects will feel more predictable and more powerful on the battlefield! * "Source of gravity" The strike ax was significantly revised. * "Manstopping effect", "stick bomb" and "detour posture" of the muskets were also significantly revised.

Focus on outdoor post tower

Enormously important is the developers also to make the exterior post tower more lucrative with the upcoming patch:

  • Multiple KI and graphics errors have been fixed.
  • The game balance of Ki and siege weapons has been revised.
  • The point system for contributions has been revised:
    • The displacement of damage now increases the points of players.
    • The kill opposing player now brings fewer points.
    • Killing Ki opponents now brings fewer points.
  • We adapted the rewards for participation:
    • Fractions brands are now available to the conclusion of matches.
    • Outlook tower supplies now bring 2 outdoor post tower armor parts and an outpost storm weapon. There is also an additional 15% chance to get a fourth object that can be a special jewelry.
    • We have the likelihood that inventory rewards in the outdoor post tower increase the competence of players, significantly increased.
    • For outdoor post tower equipment, there is now a fixed list of effects in the litter that better fit the PVP fight. This means that features such as "Beast Protection" is now no longer possible for outdoor post tower equipment.
    • "Beast Protection" was removed from "illusory puzzle" and replaced by "eager". This change does not apply retroactively, but only for new illusory puzzles after the patch.

What is still planned?

In addition, KI improvements, faster levels for Arcana, arms forged, engineering, carpentry, jewel sanding and armsmiths are planned as well as the implementation of a chat channel for action. In the course of the PTR phase, further hotfixes and changes should be followed, which are then also documented in the official patch notes. What do you think of these adjustments? Betray us in the comments!

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