Halo Infinite loses a substantial number of players

Although _ Halo Infinite _ is a pretty popular game, and recently revealed that this delivery had managed to exceed 20 million players, a new report notes that the number of concurrent users in Xbox and PC consoles Decreased substantially.

According to Windows Central, the popularity of Halo Infinite has fallen in recent days. In the case of Xbox consoles, it has been mentioned that this title has abandoned the top five of the most popular titles, to be in the sixth place. For its part, on PC only 25,000 active players are located at the moment , a substantial decrease compared to the more than 272 thousand people we saw during the launch in December.

Although at the moment there is no clear reason for decreasing popularity, fans have mentioned that this is probably due to the lack of new content to two months of the launch of this title. Both the cooperative campaign and the Forge mode will be available at some point of the second season of HALO INFINITE, which is still a couple of months away.

At the moment we just have to see how it is that 343 Industries plans to respond to this fall of players . On related topics, here you can see the new trailer of the halo series. Similarly, 343 Industries is not yet ready to talk about the future of the franchise.

Editor's note:

Halo Infinite Lost 100,000+ Players. This is a normal cycle. Eventually, people leave aside certain games. However, on this occasion highlights the fact that even the multiplayer section loses users. This shows that the inclusion of new content is needed constantly, not only every couple of months.