EA fault Halo infinite for the failure of Battlefield 2042

It is not secret that _ Battlefield 2042 _ simply was not the game that many expected. While EA has already accepted that the performance of this title did not meet your expectations, a new report has indicated that the company blames the engine of the game, the pandemic, and to Halo infinite for the bad reception.

EA Blames Battlefield 2042's Failure on Halo Infinite???

According to a report by Xfire, Laura Miele, director of EA studies, he had a board with several executives of this company, where she spoke about the state of BATTLEFIELD 2042. Among what was mentioned, is talked about how the pandemic and working from home affected the quality of the game. Along with this, it was commented that FrostBite, the engine of this company, is already old, and they needed to redo several parts of the game. Finally, has been pointed out to launch this title near halo infinite, which was more polished, affected the reception of the public . This was what he said:

"All new technology, it was basically a new engine. They returned. The FrostBite version in which they were so old that they had to return and update it. So basically they were putting the game on a new engine.

Add all this new innovation, all this ambition for the new project, and then add a global pandemic at half the project, where the team teams had to work from home, we ended up with more new variables in the development that we did not expect.

That [Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite] had a close release has not been favorable, since Halo: Infinite was a very polished title while Battlefield 2042 contained many errors and was not so well finished. "

Although he says he has worked to improve the experience since the launch of the game, the perception of the public is no longer the same, and many fans have left aside BATTLEFIELD 2042 to focus on Halo infinite, or other FPS . On related topics, the first season of this game has been delayed. In the same way, you have started a campaign so that EA allows the refund of this game.

Editor's note:

It is sad to see that such an important series for FPS such as Battlefield, had such a bad reception, and it seems that nothing will save the new delivery. The only thing that EA can do and says is to learn from their mistakes, and not blame other games for their failure.