Without firearms: Speedrunner dares ultimate challenge in Halo Infinite

There will always be gamers who the hardest difficulty is not challenging enough. So also a Halo Speed runner from YouTube Channel Simply & Slick. In a video, he fights himself by Halo Infinite on the legendary level of difficulty — and without firing just a weapon.

The rules for the challenge

On the YouTube channel Simply & Slick, a Speed runner dares the ultimate challenge in Halo Infinite: Play the Open World Shooter on the toughest level of difficulty Legendary without firing just a shot. On this brutal heavy degree of difficulty are enemy intelligent, have more shield power and share higher damage . In addition, more frequent opponent variants appear.

So the rules for the challenge are that only melee attacks are allowed, for example with the hammer or the energy source. And also Glitches are allowed , but no mods or hacks.


The passage looks quite uncomplicated. With the Undertaken, the Speed runner rests through the level and deviates the most dangers easily. Since opponents of the melee is no option, he produces his enemies with fusion coils lying around .

This strategy goes to the Boss Chalk, unfortunately not on. Therefore, he gets the energy code to conquer the boss. It will not be easier, but it will not: the opponent skiers are becoming more and more and the end boss has several phases and can not be so easily defeated without upgrades. A renewed detour and many deaths later the Speed runner but ultimately reaches its goal and the final intermediate sequence is played.

Can you create Halo Infinite on legendary without firearms? Simply & Slick proves: Yes, you can!

In a comment under the video simply & slick writes that took the entire no-gun-run about four hours . FUNFAIR: The Speed runner plays Halo Infinite in Japanese, because the in-game conversations expire slightly faster — and with Speed runs, every single second counts.

Halo Infinite in 30 minutes

Buddy Hallo Infinite only appeared just a few weeks ago and the Speed run community becomes more than fair to its name. Because already now is the world record for a passage on the toughest level of difficulty with a little over half an hour . (Source: YouTube — Sasquatches)

Other Speed run videos have already cracked the 30-minute mark, but on lighter difficulty levels. If you look at the improvement in the last few days, it can be assumed that many records will follow in the next few weeks.

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