Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Uncharted): a partnership with vocal NFTs that creates controversy

NFT (for nonrefillable token, either non-fungible token in good French) are at the heart of digital news in recent months, and the whole entertainment industry is likely to be putting it, including especially in the video game, Ubisoft and Square Enix the first. Very controversial, these NFTs interest the big companies that see it a new way of marketing in-game content, but it seems that creators and other artists also want to embark on the market, like a certain Troy Baker, well known in The video game to be one of the most striking voices of the landscape (Joel de The Last of Us, Sam Drake in Uncharted 4 to name only these two). The comedian of dubbing has just announced a partnership with VoiceversFT for the marketing of digital voices in NFT.

I associate with @voiceversenft to explore the means with which we could bring together new tools to new creators to do new things, and thus give everyone a chance to possess and invest in IP (intellectual properties) they create.


On Twitter where he announces this collaboration, the returns have been essentially negative, probably because of the awkwardness of his last sentence: We all have a story to tell. You can hate. Or you can create. What is what will it be?. Some people reproach the artist participating in the evolution of the Blockchain who consume a lot of energy while people die from cold in New York. The environmental impact of these blockchain is indeed shown, while others are decisive from the decision of an artist that they will continue to respect, but they go unfollow by principle and ethics. To a user who asks if he will create an NFT in his image, Troy Baker responds that no, but despite that put part of his home community.

Concerning Voicemail NFT, it is learned that the company wants to stand out from other market players who are mainly offering JPEG images. By investing in digital voices, the company explains that by this bias it will be possible to create custom audiobooks, YouTube videos, conferences, and even podcasts, with its favorite voice! It is recalled for those who have not followed that Sets are data composed of a cryptographic token that represents a digital object (image, video, audio, etc.), to which a digital identity is attached and which is then. Valued on the market. Its authentication is validated thanks to the protocol of a blockchain (blockchain) which gives it by thus its first value, before climbing aside over its existence. It remains to be seen whether Troy Baker will maintain the partnership or retract following the ultra-negative returns...