Activision Blizzard has fired almost forty employees since July 2021 for bad behaviors

Activision Blizzard has dismissed almost forty employees by bad practices since July 2021, after carrying out an investigation into the labor culture within the company.


According to the Wall Street Journal, these figures were going to be published before the Christmas holidays, but its publication by direct orders from Bobby Kick was delayed, since the CEO of the company thought they could give the image that internal problems They are worse than it seemed to until that moment.

According to this same rotary, the summary of the actions taken by Human Resources indicates that Activision has compiled around seven other complaints from its workers since July 2021, some of which are repeated reports on incidents reported in other complaints.

A spokeswoman for Activision Blizzard, Elaine Alaska, has confirmed that thirty-seven people have come out of the company and that another forty-four have received disciplinary action after internal research.

Alaska, however, has denied the figure of the seventeenth complaints, ensuring that the comments of the employees included statements in social networks and that had since benign complaints about the workplace up to a small number of potentially serious affirmations, which have been investigated.

He has also added that affirmations about Mr. Kick are not true and that our goal is to make sure we have accurate data and analysis to share.

The Affirmations on Kick referred to are the news published in November in which it was stated that the company's CEO was recorded with situations of sexual abuse and harassment in the Company and that they had been hidden to the Board of Directors. This motivated, among other things, that a significant number of employees firm a petition for the controversial CEO to resign from the position of it.

Something that, in any case, does not seem to happen, since, according to Alaska, the support of the Board to Bobby has not changed, and we are happy with the commitment and leadership that Bobby has shown so far.


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