Winning Post 9 2022 Official Site Open! Gorsmoth Motemote? Details such as Yosuke's system

Last Dream XV (ファイナル ファンタジー XV, Fainer Fantasy Fifth), originally introduced under Last Fantasy Versus XIII (ファイナルファイナル ヴェルサス XIII, Fainer Fantasy Versus Satin), is a computer game of the well-known Last Fantasy series, established and modified by Square Enix, launched on November 29, 2016, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. A Windows Edition and also a Royal Version came out on March 6, 2018. The video game is also released on November 19, 2019, on Google Stadia. It is component of the Fibula Nova Crystals Final Fantasy collection together with Final Dream XIII and also Final Dream Type-0. Nonetheless, his story is initial and does not have any connection with the various other titles of the collection. It is created by a team of designers conducted under the instructions of Betsy Nora, after that Anime Tabata, and proposes a background oriented in the direction of realistic look for an adult audience.

CAE Team Games has opened the official site of popular horse racing simulation Winning Post series the latest work Winning Post 9 2022. Several new elements and early benefits information are published.

Drama where horses produce New system 優

A variety of bonuses are won by the Yahoo no Tsunami that you sprouted with the designation of the training partner and the race exit. You can enjoy deeper capture by new bonds!

1976 and 2012 Two Started Scenarios Add!

Now I can experience the age of three strongly composed of TTG consisting of To Show Boy, Ten Point, and Green grass, Gold ship, Gentildonna, etc. The age of unfair fighting.

Anyone can enjoy it freely! Online element is powered up!

It is also equipped with a dedicated mode that can enjoy a betting ticket, including the introduction of Online Hippo King decision match and rank match system to decide the strongest player. Feel free to enjoy a fully fulfilling online play!

New Second Appeared! 2022 latest horse racing data

New Secretary Includes a new character of the player's marriage partner, including the Fulani Yukon !

Furthermore, many nostalgia normal, who are active in the 1970s, including the topic Star Horse, such as Sell Master and Snowfall.


Added new blending theory and new battle in race with many requests.

New blending theory is strengthened to enjoy deeper blending, and new films are added to Maker and Last Assault, and other instructions are added to increase race capture.

In addition, early opening of overseas ranch, special breeding Maria, shortcut function in all models, Private stallion that can be seeded and listed simultaneously with multiple systems at the end of the year, A lot of additional and reinforced elements can be done.

Package version and download version on the Download version for Winning Post 9 2022 Windows (STEAM) / PS4 / Nintendo switch, will be released on April 14, 2022. Early purchase benefits and pre-order benefits are also available.

Early benefit

Beautiful Normal Purchase Right Set All 4

Gold Sty

Tow Falcon



※ It is available from the PlayStation Store / Nintendo E shop / Steam® store. ※ The free download period as an early benefit is 2 weeks from the release of the product version (until Wednesday, July 27, 2022). ※ You may want to sell a fee later. ※ In Windows® version, if applicable below, the game main story contains an early benefit. · Buy Game city download version within the above free delivery period or purchase at Steam® store. · Package version purchases initial production (with early bonus seal).

Pre-order bonus

Into the astonishing of the surprise hole Purchase right Set all four

ダイ ク



Gallop Dana (PlayStation 4 Version / Windows Version)

Heavenly Romance (Nintendo Switch Version)

PlayStation 4 version and Windows version Gallop Dana and Nintendo Switch version are four sets of Heavenly Romance. ※ PlayStation 4 version / Nintendo Switch Version / Windows version download version is available by pre-ordering. ※ The start of the download version of the download version will be released later.

Winning Post 9 2022 ¥8,580



【PS4】 Winning Post 9 2022 ¥8,580