Three hazelnuts for ashenbrödel gets new filming from Norway

What would the Christmas season without the magic of ashenbrödel ? The public laws on this occasion a veritable Asphodel Marathon on your different TV channels. This year, the Christmas classic gets competition from Norway and comes to Amazon Prime.

Cult Classic from the Czech Republic

It is December 2021, you are ready to cuddle in your warmest blanket and take a hot drink to you while you wait for Germany's most cult test Christmas fairy tale on TV. The selection for this was not difficult.

The Czech film adaptation of three hazelnuts for ashenbrödel applies in this country as one of the most popular films during the Christmas season. Not for nothing the classic of IDF and Co. is beamed in part in the hourly clock.

Aschenbrödel from Norway

This year, the favorite film of the Germans get a new edition from the far north. The Norwegian director Cecilia Most brings us this winter your version of the ash brats. In the Norwegian trailer to the movie you can make a first picture of the new ashen breaths version.

The role of the ashen brats takes over the Norwegian pop singer Astrid Splash in the newly filming. Your prince plays actor Mengzi Al. The Remake TRE Netter Til Askepott, according to the Norwegian title, is based on the original fairy tale and less on the cult filming of 1973.

Of course, it is still a girl who lives in his evil stepmother and step-sister and be treated badly by them. Aschenbrödel will fall in love with a prince this time.

Compliant new filming

In comparison to the Czech original, however, the film looks more pompoms. Aschenbrödel rides through monumental natural scenery as in Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. Suitable in the film Game of Thrones-Actor Kristopher Hindu also plays.

Also, a little magic from the Czech cult film, director Cecilia Most wanted to bring in their film. So the UR-Ashnbrödel Lib use Safránková should also get a role in the new filming.

Unfortunately, this was already too ill to travel to the location to Norway. Safránková, regrettably died on June 9, 2021, and could no longer experience the premiere of the new ashen brats.

Tři oříšky pro Popelku (ENG subs)

Where is the new ashen brats to see?

Whether the new filming can keep up with the Czech darling is left to the fans. Since Monday, the 20.12.2021 is the remake of three hazelnuts for ashen brats on Amazon Prime as stream. At the same time, Prime members can also see the classic from 1973 on the streaming platform for comparison.

Also, Netflix has the classic in the assortment. Anyone who has no prime or Netflix, but can not do without a belonging portion of ash writes, will be found on television. There, the popular original is also broadcast several times this year.

Will you look at the new ashenbrödel?

From Dina Makovich Author 20.12.2021 at 14:14


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