Locations of Halo Infinite Skull: Where to find all the skulls in Zeta Halo

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Infinite Halo is one of the best shooters of the year, but sometimes it helps to take a look around and enjoy the view. After all, most of the skulls of this game are not going to jump on you. Here is all you need to know where to find all Infinite skulls in Halo.

Where to find all the skulls in Halo Zeta Infinite

Calaveras boom

Source: Halo Canon

The first is the skull Boom. It is one of the easiest hitting skulls in Halo Infinite. At the same time, it is one of the easiest to lose because you can not get it later in the game. If you lose it at the beginning of the game, you have to start a new saved game to get it.

Boom skull is in a large room that has two floors. On the right side of the room from which you enter, you will find a box up the wall. Climb aboard for a short trip to the first skull resting on a paper box.

Skull cowbell

Source: Halo Canon

Then the skull of the cowbell. This is where things start to get a little complicated. It is important to note that this skull can not get later in Halo Infinite. You must pick up the first time you are on Foundations; otherwise, you will have to start a new game to find it.

This skull is in a room with a window where you can see a large pillar that has something blue glowing inside. But do not let this shiny object to distract you, as the Cowbell Skull is closer to the ceiling. You'll have to grab the beams of this room to reach the area where the skull is.

Hold on one of the first beams that can reach, then walk back to the place where he entered the room. For a focused beam connecting the wall to the ceiling. This is where you will find the skull of the cowbell. Do not be discouraged if you have not mastered the grappling hook. They may be needed several attempts before you can land there.

Catch the skull

Source: Halo Canon

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Now that you have found these two skulls, you explore the surface of Halo Zeta. The next handful of skulls can be found in any order. The first skull of Halo Infinite we will see on the surface is Catch.

This skull is in a small area in the northern part of the map which is surrounded by mountains. You will find this sitting on the trunk of a tree in this area. See the image below for the exact location.

Source: Halo Canon

Just be prepared to eliminate some enemies before grabbing the Catch Skull.

Skull fog

Source: Halo Canon

Fog skull can be found along the cliffs at the western end of the map of Halo Infinite, just west of FOB Alpha. Just continue west and walk the hexagonal road and eventually will be in the skull fog.

Source: Halo Canon

See the image above for the exact location.

Skull WHY

Source: Halo Canon

The next on the list is truly a classic, skull WHY. To get this skull you have to find a way to reach the top of the tower. The easiest way is using a flying vehicle like Wasp or Banshee. But his hook grip works equally well for climbing the tower. You will find the skull at the top of the tower on an octagonal box.

Blind Skull

Source: Halo Canon

Blind Skull is in a gorge south tower. Going south, the skull will be located in a cave enough into the throat. An As with the Last Skull and many others in Halo Infinite, this is much easier to achieve using a flying vehicle.

If you do not have one, you can walk until you see a dead sailor with bright blue mud nearby. Walk past the body and jump farther into the gorge. Continues jumping until you see a bright blue light. This is where you will find the skull blind.

Source: Halo Canon

See the map above to see the exact location.

Skull Storm

Source: Halo Canon

Again, here is a skull that is much easier to get if you have a flying vehicle. If you have not yet discovered the track, get a wasp or a banshee as soon as possible.

Skull storm is outdoors like WHY skull. It is over one of these hexagonal columns Forerunner to the east of a north mark.

If you want to walk, go to the top of the nearby hill to get a good view. In the area you will find many Grunts and Brutes while you descend the hill towards Skull. Once you get to an area where the elevations are relatively uniform, except for an abnormally high pillar, hold it there and find the Skull Storm. The following map should help you find the exact location.

Source: Halo Canon

Skull with black eyes

Source: Halo Canon

A waterfalls will love this. Black Eye Skull is behind a waterfall that flows into the lake near Kilo FOB. Hold on to a platform in the middle of the right side of the waterfall and find a small entrance to a cave. Crouch to get in and find the skull on a short pillar. Use the map below to see the exact location.

Source: Halo Canon

Skull Famine

Source: Halo Canon

This is the last skull in the list, you can get in any order. The Skull Hunger can be found on a small island at the eastern end of the map. You almost need a flying vehicle to achieve this, but it is not impossible to deal with it. It will save you time and frustration if you travel there.

On the north side of this small island, you'll find Golden Elite dead with a pulse rifle nearby and the Skull Starvation on the other. The following map shows the exact location of the skull.

Source: Halo Canon

Mythical Skull

Source: Halo Canon

The mythical skull can be found on the conning tower. Continue through the area until you reach the point where the columns stop and turn right. Grasp the top of a column and facing the wall to which the columns are addressed before turning to the right and hold a top shelf.

Once landed have, rotates 180 degrees and look right. Hang in there and through the hallway to a door. The mythical skull is in the middle of the room beyond the door. Note that you can not go back and get this skull without starting a new game.

snarling skull birthday party

Source: Halo Canon

The next skull you can find is Grunt Birthday Party is located in the repository. This is a little hard to find, so take it easy.

First, start in the room with a terminal in the center and a lighted bridge leading to it. Activate the terminal to illuminate a light second bridge but do not cross. Instead, run and grab the door on the right of the bridge is just activated. Go through the door, walk down the hall to the room with a seed of power.

Return to the room with the terminal in the middle. From there, you must start Power Seed in different places. Do what works for you here, but do not try to throw the seed of power for the room. Eventually you'll want to go to the door that is to the left of the illuminated bridge that appeared when you turned on the terminal.

If at any time the Seed of Power falls into the bottomless pit below, do not worry. You can return to the original location where it was picked up and try again.

Once you've taken the Seed of Power through the room to the left door and have seized enters the small corridor leading to a room. In the right corner of this room, there will be a place to insert the Power Seed.

Continue along the level until you have a conversation with the gun. Soon after, you come to a room with Sentries, Outcast and two separate pillars going up and are slightly inclined towards the wall (see below).

Source: Halo Canon

Grasp above these pillars and walk through the opening in the wall on them. In this room, you will find the penultimate Infinite Halo skull and two hidden elites hoping to organize a surprise party.

Be sure not to miss this, because you have to restart the game if you get to this level without lifting the skull.

Bandana skull

Source: Halo Canon

Who does not love a good reference for Metal Gear Solid on your Halo? Skull bandana can be found in the silent audience. And if the latest warnings were not enough, takes up this again, or have to go back to the end of the game before having the opportunity to obtain it.

The next part can go a bit against your instincts, but do not kill the sentries at this level. Even if you kill one, you can not get the final skull in Halo Infinite.

Keep playing through the level until you reach the corridor leading to the last lift. Before you start the way to the final lift, you should see a small lighted bridge with a door to the right of the road. This door will lock if you kill the guards.

Pass the light bridge and go through the door on the right side. You will see two platforms that you can approach or simply board the bigger, and you will find the final skull waiting for you. Similar items Halo Infinite PSA: An error has been recognized in the cosmetic armor box of the campaign; Arrangement to come Halo Infinite campaign can not be reproduced again at the launch. This Halo Infinite player used the grip hook to cover 3K in a single jump Halo Infinite Review: Spider-Chief? Master-Man? Halo Infinite multiplayer to add playlists for party, Tactical Slayer and Free-for-all; Developer reading comments