Halo Infinite Wasp site - How to get the WASP in the Halo Infinite campaign

If you, as we spend your time in Halo Infinite, to explore the world and to pick up every destination and every collector's item on the list, probably looking for a simpler way to move away. Well, you can find flying vehicles in Halo Infinite, but the unlocking requires a lot of effort — and lucky.

The flying vehicles of the game include the WASP and the Banshee DES UNC, but to unlock the Wasp in Halo Infinite, you must invest a lot of time in addition to the main missions of Halo Infinite a lot of time in the side activities of the open world.

In contrast to some other vehicles in the game, there is no accurate Halo Infinite Wasp site. Instead, the WASP is an unlockable vehicle, and as soon as you have purchased it, you can fly around the Zeta-Halo-Ring and the banished Destroy from above to protect yourself from dangers. If you want to find a Banshee, which is something easier to grab as a Wasp, read our Halo Infinite Banshee Location Guide. But here is the low point of the Wasp.

Halo Infinite Wasp location

To get the WASP in the Halo Infinite campaign, you do not have to find exact location. Instead, you must unlock it by reaching Reward 24 in the list of FOB rewards in the menu.

These rewards can be activated by gaining bravery for the completion of main story missions, riding Fobs and outposts and destroyed propaganda travels.

Flying a Wasp in Halo Infinite Campaign for 10 Minutes

Since this is one of the last available rewards in the reward strip, you have to win a lot of bravery, requiring a lot of campaign and sub-activity. Anyway, you will probably receive access to the WASP only in the third act of the game.

Once you have unlocked the WASP, you can bring it to you by interacting with the vehicle terminal on any FOB.

While exploring the Zeta Halo Ring in a Wasp, look for collection pieces and other activities that are all treated in our Halo Infinite complete solution.


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