Halo Infinite in the test: successful comeback!

Hallo (German: Heiligenschlights ) is an ego shooter game collection, whose individual parts of Bungee, 343 Industries and also the set workshops for Microsoft Gaming, today Xbox Game Studios were developed.

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Halo Infinite is undoubtedly a successful offshoot of the popular shooter series. However, the Master Chief stumbles over almost the weak design of the open world — Zeta Halo lacks originality and the missions of creativity. Beginners have it due to lack of background information hard to find the game. But have you overcome these hurdles, you expect bred fighting in Halo Infinite countless. Thanks to a varied inventory, equipment and vehicles, the adventure offers tremendous depth and simply plays it outstanding. The multiplayer options emphasize this positive trend, developer 343 Industries but adapts them still strong in the coming weeks and months. But so far here vote scope and playability. To get interested, thanks to the free concept a chance to make friends with Halo Infinite.

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Very good presentation Strong Soundtrack Clever active computer opponent, especially bosses and Spartan-Killer Excellent control Extensive arsenal of weapons and handy tool Successful Multiplayer


Brittle open world Boring side missions No story flashbacks for beginners Co-op Campaign is not available to start

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The six-year development of Halo Infinite was anything but smooth. Actually, would the action game have come already for the launch of Xbox Series X / S in winter 2020 on the market. But the first game scenes as part of the Xbox Games showcases in summer 2020 developed for Microsoft and developer 343 Industries fiasco: the really loyal fan base was less than enthusiastic about the material shown. Especially the weak graphics pushed supporters and press to bad.

Several shifts later Halo Infinite now appeared on December 8, 2021, PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. For subscribers of Xbox Game Pass the game since the start is available. The new Halo was published in two parts: campaign and free multiplayer. The promised co-op campaign is only 2022. At the first glance seems Halo Infinite as a mess. In the test of science fiction shooter is back to its former strength, but also reveals new problems.

Exciting Story — but not for beginners!

The single player campaign of Halo Infinite takes place 18 months after the events of its predecessor, Halo: Guardians. What happened in between, you know, but only in fragments throughout history. Unfortunately it lacks the title of a retrospective, so are likely to have new players problems to understand the plot. The new Halo starts brilliantly: the legendary Master Chief is fighting heroically against the superior forces of the exiles. Their leader Charm defeated the Halo -Helen but hurls him out into space. Fortunately, the so-called pilot Klaus to the Chief, so this takes the fight with the exiles on Zeta Halo again.

So explosive may be the beginning of the story, so much is lacking in the first hours of play on a clear thread. Only with continuous play time, the parts fit together slowly. In addition to the pilots is the Master Chief, the computer AI weapon to the side. The virtual assistant is pointedly talkative and bring some humor into play. Together, the three want to save the human race and on top fathom what about with Cortana — consisting of the previous games known AI and partner of the Master Chief — happened.

Openwork canned

Were former Halo parts largely linear, presented 343 Industries Infinite as open world. Zeta Halo has several areas that you travel around freely and in which you must overcome various main and side missions at your own pace. The problem: The game world may look pretty, but looks lifeless. Unfortunately, the built-in functions are well known: for example, you conquer outposts, looking for collectibles such as upgrade cores or save UNSC troops before the exiles.

Take on side missions, you get courage and power in conquered outpost vehicles or support from computer-soldier free. Really necessary or even exciting, however, these functions are not. In addition, Halo Infinite simply exciting characters and options missing off the campaign. therefore, exploring Zeta Halo feels unsatisfactory and uneventful.

First-class First-Person Shooter

Fortunately, Halo Infinite trumps in the main missions — and above all at the actual shooter gameplay. The action game looks class and supplies heated battles in the minute clock. The controller proves to be pleasantly direct, the pronounced Clever-operating computer opponents demand themselves on the lower levels of difficulty. Especially for cracking the bosses or the ranked Spartan killer, you always need your own strategy. As in the predecessors, they carry two weapons simultaneously in Halo Infinite at the same time and alternate them in the distressing fighting frequently due to ammunition deficiency.

The Arsenal ranges from sniper rifles to rocket launchers and mortar cannons. For this purpose, the extensive use of different types of grenade complements the events awarded. In the gameplay you get access to auxiliaries, such as the gripping hook or a positionable energy career. These items include class and ensure more depth in the fight. With the gripping hook, they pull themselves on opponents or change their position quickly. All equipment equip them on top of that with the hidden nuclei and release new skills. For the gripping hook, for example, there is an electrical upgrade with which enemies stun briefly.

Halo Infinite offers more opportunities than the predecessors, but preserves their magnificent playability and extends them for great hit feedback. Despite linear missions, the struggles themselves are tactical and demanding. This highlights the shooter noticeably from the competition and compensates for the brittle open game world.

Versatile multiplayer options

Similar strengths play Halo Infinite in free multiplayer mode. Thanks to Crossly, PC and Xbox players will contact each other there. Very nice: For newcomers, the game offers exercise opportunities against BOT opponents as well as detailed tutorial missions. In the online multiplayer, the Arena with four-counter-four or Big Team Battles with eight-counter-eight is launched. In Puerto game modes, Halo Infinite offers a wide variety of classics such as Capture the Flag and Deathwatch to wild modes like Fiesta.

Halo Infinites SHOCKS Gaming Media | NEW Xbox Series X Game INSANE Success | Xbox & PS5 News The design of the currently ten cards fits and guarantees as well as tactical as fast battles. The successful control and the handy weapon feedback fits in seamlessly here. However, the community was already complaining about the rather sober presentation and partly sub-optimal lighting conditions. 343 Industries announced that you are regularly expanding and adapting multiplayer mode. Thus, he is likely to face Halo Infinite in the long run even better.

Release Halo Infinite : 8 December 2021 for PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. The price is around 70 euros. The game is part of the Xbox Game Pass and thus available for subscribers.