Halo Infinite: In the end, the Master Chief reaches a mysterious message, but the Cutscene was deleted

One of 343 industries in afterthesome Cutscene from the Credits of Halo Infinite has been promoted to light thanks to a Datamyne. The short clip definitely prepares us on something, but whether it is a campaign DLC or something else, is currently unknown. Obviously, however, that the scene would have played a big role at the end of the game.

Here you can watch the video at Gamecheat13 yourself. In front of big spoilers you have to be afraid because the CutScene is very vague:

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The deleted CutScene throws questions

Really meaningful, the scene is not, but then ask some questions:

Why was the Cutscene painted? 343 Industries came under pressure in the development of Halo Infinite and had to discard some content. So it could be that a DLC was planned for the campaign to which the Cutscene had said. That this is an allusion to a successor of Infinite is extremely unlikely. As the name suggests, the game should be designed for a long period of time.

Who could be behind the message? Unfortunately, there are hardly any clues to the origin of the message. We only know that it is probably a friend. However, the Halo Universe is great and the possibilities manifold. Some fans hope for a return of the righter, as in the transmission, however, the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) is called, that is rather unlikely. In the community you can rather believe that this could be the colonieschiff spirit of fire.

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is the missing coop mode to blame? As you may know, the coop mode for the campaign comes only in the spring / summer 2022. Fans therefore speculate that the news announces the partner of the Chief for the Loop campaign could. If that's the case, we unfortunately have to wait a few months left until we learn the truth.

Do you have your own theory about the painted Halo Infinite-Cutscene?


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