Halo Infinite: How to unlock whatsapp with value and how to pilot it

Halo Infinite wasp is the flying vehicle of the UNSC. Think about it as the equivalent of UNSC to Banshee that Covenant and banned use for air combat.

In the field, the wasp is especially useful, as it can reduce the time that brings you to high places, return to the island with the anti-aircraft guns on or simply go to previously inaccessible areas..

Unlock wasps in Halo Infinite

To unlock the wasp, you must earn 2600 points of value. Once you have won enough value, you can invoke a wasp from any fob addressing the little pedestal with a mongoose hologram on top and hold the x to select the vehicle you want to convene.

Continue moving until you find the wasp, then press A. After a few seconds of waiting, the wasp will fall in front of you, and you can jump with it by pressing X.

To earn value quickly, concentrate on completing all secondary missions when you can freely explore the open world. Remove FOB, rescue UNSC squads and eliminate prohibited bases reward you with value, so be sure to prioritize them about anything else. The main missions also offer a lot of value to complete.

All wasps controls

Controlling a wasp in Halo Infinite can take a little time to get used to, since it is possible that the controls are not expected. What is even more frustrating is that the game does not provide vehicle controls on the screen, which makes it difficult to find out how to move it.

Halo Infinite - How to Access & Play with EVERY Vehicle Offline! The left analog stick — Movement Little analog joystick — grid of aiming RT — Shot kg — Decrease altitude RB — Increase altitude Yes — Change weapon x — Exit the vehicle.

That's all you need to know How to get WASP in the Halo Infinite campaign. To get more tips and tricks, go to our wiki or check out our coverage on the game below.

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