Halo Infinite: How to open the Ransom Keep vehicle repair bay door

Ransom Keep is the first of the banned bases that you will probably have to destroy in the Halo Infinite campaign. It is right next to its appropriate starting point for the open world section in Zeta Halo, and there you should dismantle the Silos of Energy and sabotage some vehicle repair bays. The problem is that two of the vehicle repair areas are behind an orange energy shield and there is no other way to enter. This is what you should do for Opens the power shield door from the Ransom Keep vehicle repair compartment in Halo Infinite.

RANSOM Keep the vehicle repair bay door in Halo Infinite open

To reach the two Ransom Keep vehicle repair bays, we must deactivate the orange energy shield. If you press the D-PAD when it is close to it, it will be revealed that it is connected to a panel just above the energy shield. You must enter the connection building to view it, which is shown in the screenshot below.

Now use your grip hook to reach the panel on the power shield door, then work with any weapon or use grenades if you are trying to conserve ammunition. You only need to inflict enough damage to the generator to explode.

Once you do it, the door of the energy shield of the Ransom Keep vehicle repair bay will be deactivated, which will allow you to continue destroying the base once and for all.

Destroy the vehicle repair bays.

Once inside, press the D-Pad and two terminals will flash in yellow next to two vehicles in the repair bays.

Press and hold the X when you are next to these and the boss will destroy the interior of the vehicle compartments, destroying them so that Paris can no longer use them for their evil plans.

Attacking Ransom Keep | Halo Infinite Side Activity That's all you need to know How to open the Ransom Keep vehicle repair bay door in Halo Infinite. Be sure to check our wiki to get more tips and tricks, or see more of our coverage about the game below.

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