HALO INFINITE: How to get value (and what it is for)

Hallo Infinite is a computer game created by 343 Industries and Skybox Labs, which was released by the Xbox Video Game Studios for Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series in 2021. The video game is the sixth almost all the Halo video game collection. It sets the tale of the Master Chief in the third chapter of the Reclaimer Saga, after Halo 5: Guardians.

As you progress through Zeta Halo to eliminate the banished forces, you may have noticed that you get something called value. Hallo Infinite Value is a coin you will use to unlock more weapons and vehicles, but how does it work exactly? This guide is here to tell you everything you need to know about it.

What is value?

Hallo Infinite Value is a reward granted by performing heroic feats such as rescue Marines, capturing prohibited bases, destroying prohibited propaganda towers and eliminating high-value targets.

Basically, everything you do in the Halo Infinite campaign will reward you with courage. This is a cumulative resource that marks your progress in the fight against prohibits.

The more value you have, you will be able to access more vehicles and weapons from any FOB that captures Banished.

You can check what you have unlocked with your value and what you will unlock then by pressing the View button to open the menu, then pressing «FOB».

Here you will find a handrail of Battle Pass vehicles and weapons. Every time you earn value, you will progress more and more along the rail.

Get value quickly and easily in Halo Infinite

Courage is earned by completing the following activities around the world:

Rescue of Marine Squadrons

Destroy the forbidden bases (purple icons on your map) Destroy the propaganda towers.

Halo Infinite - Before You Buy Complete missions Remove high value objectives

Essentially, anything that implies you involved with the forces forbidden in Halo Infinite will reward you with courage. You can verify how much value you will earn for each activity by highlighting it on your map and checking the value next to the star icon below the name of the mission.

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