Halo Infinite: How to get more ammunition

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The Halo Infinite campaign was officially launched, allowing players to explore the vast area that is Zeta Halo. While running all the different places that a player's experience has to offer, Master Chief will need all the ammunition he may have in his hands, especially in the most difficult difficulties. Here is all you need to know How to get more ammunition in Halo Infinite.

How to get more ammunition in Halo Infinite

Depending on the weapon you have in Halo Infinite, ammunition can be a bit difficult to find. The most common weapons, such as plasma rifles and pistols, can be recharged simply by stepping on the same weapon on the battlefield, as in previous games.

Fortunately, there are also ammunition boxes distributed throughout the game. You can recognize these boxes by the holographic logo that protrudes from the top. They are separated by type of ammunition and will only give you ammunition if you have equipped the necessary item.

All you have to do to recharge is to get on and hold the X key. This will recharge ammunition for any weapon you have in your inventory that is of that kind of ammunition.

That's all you need to know How to get more ammunition in Halo Infinite. If you are still looking for more information about the game, be sure to check our wiki guide, since you will surely have all the advice, tricks and frequently asked questions you can Have about the game.

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