Halo Infinite-Glitch Kilt Campagnage

This is a checklist of ready the Xbox computer game console.

The Halo Infinite campaign has now been available for a week and is very good at the community and critics. Nevertheless, in some forums is currently displeasure wide. The reason: An extremely fairer glitch destroys the memory data of the campaigns of many players inside. So that you are not tapped in the same case, we tell you what the mistake probably triggers and how you can handle it.

That's behind the data glitch in Halo Infinite

There is currently no official opinion of 343 industries or Microsoft yet, but the fans on Reset era and Halo waypoint help each other.

So you noticed the glitch: If the error occurs in your game, Halo Infinite changes to a third-person view. The Master Chief then falls through the ground or floats like a phantom through the game world. If you leave the campaign now, you can not reload them. The complete score is therefore gone. Although we see the timer countdown, but then you just hang in the menu.

The Glitch can also occur in multiplayer, but has no impact on your progress.

That's probably the trigger: An affected player could replicate the Glitch and has uploaded a video of the process on YouTube. The problem seems to be created when multiple controllers are connected, or when a controller is reconnected. In this case, Halo Infinite wants to log in again, although you are further logged in. If you confirm the request, the memory file is corrupted.

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You can do this against Glitch: If you open the window with the login call, you should not confirm it. Instead, click away and restart the game. So that it is not at all, you should avoid the following things during the gambling (via VG247):

Connect a second controller The connection of the active controller caps Switch back and forth between cable connection and Bluetooth Sign in at the same time on Xbox and PC Quick Resume use on the Xbox Series X / S (from which 343i is currently available anyway) while you play a different title with the same account

Halo Infinite Campaign Unlocks Fix! Halo Infinite Patch on the Way! Halo News Here you can see the Launch Trailer for the campaign:

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No repeat of missions possible

The problem may be less serious if we could select the individual missions of the campaign in the menu. This is not yet possible in Halo Infinite, but should be submitted. That the function is missing for launch could also be related to the Open World structure. On the other hand, some modes and features will be submitted only 2022.