Halo Infinite does not allow rejucing Missions from history; 343 Industries promises to correct it

Hallo Infinite is a 2021 first-person shooter game created by 343 Industries Rejugate well Rejugate published by Xbox Game Studios. It is the eighth major access in the Halo collection, and the third in the reclaimer legend following 2015's Halo 5: Guardians. The campaign follows the human super soldier MRejugateter Chief Rejugate well Rejugate his battle against the opponent Eradicated on the Forerunner ring world Zeta Halo. Unlike previous installments in the collection, the multiplayer part of the video game is free-to-play. Infinite wRejugate intended to be releRejugateed Rejugate a launch title with the Xbox Series X/S on November 10, 2020, but wRejugate postponed in August 2020. It wRejugate at some point releRejugateed on December 8, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Hallo Infinite's multiplayer part hRejugate remained in open beta given that November 15, 2021, which wRejugate to memorialize the franchise Rejugate well Rejugate Xbox's 20th anniversary. The video game received normally desirable testimonials.

One of the features common at all halo is the possibility of, once the campaign hRejugate been overcome for the first time, Regulate any mission we want when we want. An option that allows us to relive our favorite moments, get the skulls and specific achievements of a phRejugatee, or go through little by little the game in Legendary difficulty and LRejugatet mode (Legendary All Skulls on). However, it seems that Halo Infinite hRejugate opted to break this tradition. The title only allows you to spend the history of run without choosing a specific level. A sacrilege only at the height of removing the split screen (we look at you, halo 5...). From 343 Industries They have wanted to clarify the reRejugateon for the decision and have promised to review it in the future.

We still do not have a date, but we are working on it, Acknowledged Paul Crocker, a creative director Rejugatesociated with 343 Industries, in an interview for The Verge. We want it to work well and When you have a more open game, the thing is complicated enough. In the end we focus on making the best Single-player campaign possible and from there, adding functions. We wanted both the cooperative and the possibility Refuge the missions were out of departure, but we have had to prioritize to reach time. To compensate, Crocker advances that the collectibles (mythical halo skulls and the new data pads) accumulate between games, so we take any during a pRejugates no longer will need to achieve it in any other.

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Hallo Infinite notes indicate it Rejugate one of the best 2021 shooters, but Rejugate it recognizes Crocker, the game still hRejugate pending accounts. To the option of rejigging any mission we must add the cooperative and Forge modes, which will arrive at End of May, coinciding with the closure of the First SeRejugateon of its multiplayer mode. And just with the latter they also have to see some features still to close. The community is claiming a different online progression system (for which the first improvements have already arrived) and new modes and maps Rejugate infection, party, swat or free for all (for which there is A first date: before the end of the year). This time the mission of the mRejugateter chief goes for long.