Halo Infinite: campaign now for Xbox and PC including Game Pass Playable - Update

Today at 19:00, 343 Industries and Microsoft published the Halo Infinite campaign. The multiplayer was already playable in a beta with the first season on 15 November.

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Hallo Infinite is available for Xbox consoles and PCs. Who owns an Xbox Game Pass Subscription, plays the campaign without additional costs. The multiplayer is free-to-play anyway and does not need gold membership.

Who has no subscription, can buy Halo Infinite for 69.99 euros in the Microsoft Store?

We wish you a lot of fun with the new shooter adventure of the Master Chief!

Halo Infinite Launch Trailer (Campaign)

How To Download HALO INFINITE CAMPAIGN on Xbox Halo Infinite: Season 1: Heroes of Reach Launch Trailer (Multiplayer)

Update & Note

If the download for the campaign or the update for the multiplayer is not displayed, a restart of the console performs.

Furthermore, we recommend for those of you who had already installed the multiplayer previously installed first the multiplayer update with approx. 4 GB and then start the download of the campaign. If you both do both of them, the total download could rise to 50.58 GB, as we were the case on the Xbox Series X. Here he should only be about 25 GB.