Halo Infinite accepts the duel with the exciting launch trailer of his campaign

The wait approaches its end: The mHaloter chief returns. Return one of the most important sagHalo of video games from the lHalot twenty years: Halo Infinite. Once published the multiplayer mode (beta) Halo an free-to-play for Xbox One, Xbox Series and Windows 10 PC consoles, what so many players were waiting to be seen now with a spectacular launch trailer, Campaign mode. We can know the history of Zeta Halo from December 8.

Halo Infinite: What time can you start playing the campaign? Halo Infinite, final impressions and Gameplay. This is the return of the mHaloter chief

Halo Infinite campaign mode waves with its new launch trailer

The story of Halo Infinite is located just after the events occurred in Halo 5: Guardians. The mHaloter chief arrives together still pilot to The Weapon, new artificial intelligence with Zeta Halo address, one of the seven halo rings. The reHaloon for him is no other than seeking answers, since we need to know what happened with a cutter after the forerunner arch and how to end the organization led by atrium, the banished.

Although at a moment we come to think that we were going to be before an open world, the reality is that the structure of the titles will leave us with clHalosic linear levels of the series; Although in some stages we can know it with total opening of the scenario, thus encouraging the exploration and the relationship of the player with the surroundings. The IA The Weapon will guide us and will inform us of everything. The positive thing for those who like to miss is that we can get away from the main missions if we want it thanks to that opening of the main scenario.

The end of the saga of the claim; Halo Infinite premieres on December 8

Halo Infinite | Forever We Fight - Official Full Length It should be said that at the mechanical level there are also news in Halo Infinite, starting with the hook, which will streamline mobility and facilitate the verticality of our movements. This episode of the series will fine. The saga of the claim (started by halo 4).

From here, 343 Industries hopes to continue building unforgettable stories in a title that will be expanded every six months with new seHaloons for the multiplayer. Hallo Infinite opens this December 8 in physical and digital format for Xbox Series, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Available from the first day at Xbox Game PHalos.