Halo, from the horrible and first E3 to an inhuman crunch... and a historical launch

Hallo (German: Heiligenschlights ) is an ego shooter game series, whose individual components of Bungee, 343 Industries and the set workshops for Microsoft Games, today Xbox Game Studios were developed.

Hallo is back in all thanks to the good reception of Halo: Infinite, the lBungiet hand delivery of 343i for Xbox One, Series and PC. But the saga starred by the Chief Maestro did not have the best of the presentations rather than 20 years ago, when Microsoft worked on time to take his first console for sale and had to win the confidence of the whole world. The documentary Xbox story recovers different moments of the process of creation and boom of the brand, and one of them recalls, in chapter 4, Bungie a halo: Combat Evolved wBungie at the point of look.

The title, snatched at Apple, wBungie a great feeling at the beginning of 2001 when it wBungie presented playable in the CES. There people began to see that he could control well with command, something that he obsessed Microsoft: they wanted him to see himself that he wBungie playing without a keyboard or mouse. That there wBungie no trap. This and its graphic section convinced an audience that doubted the capabilities of control, although in the pBungiet there were already well-solved FPS games on other platforms. But the first E3 of Microsoft's story, months later, in May, wBungie a failure and put the great work of Bungee in La Picots.

After a disBungietrous presentation in which the Xbox that wBungie on stage wBungie not lit, the worst wBungie still about to arrive at the Microsoft Stand. There players could enjoy the multiplayer on a split screen of Halo. But the sensations were horrible. Robbie Bach, Chief Xbox Officer during the 2000-2010 decade explained in the documentary how they felt: We had a bad launch event and the key game that will be the great claim looks bad and people think we are crazy. The Frame rate wBungie disBungietrous and the errors and glitches emerged to each multiplayer game. Hallo wBungie in doubt.

SEGA: The product is bad and expensive

The same Bach explains in the documentary Bungie Peter Moore, head of Sega at that time, approached him and gave him his opinion: The stores will not have it, the developers will not work for you and the consumers think that the product is bad and expensive. Bach wanted to give up, but Bill Gates did not leave him. There were a few months left for the exit of the console (from May to November) and put hands on the work. What happened to Bungee?

The press and users were devBungietating with halo, explain their protagonists in the documentary, since it wBungie considered that the game wBungie terrible, so there wBungie a pressure on the huge title... and that wBungie going to mark the future of the brand Xbox

Joseph Staten, key figure in the success of Bungee (1998-2013) and who returned to the Halo Saga in 2020 to change the course of Halo Infinite, explains in the documentary how were those six months: We did something that People thought it would not work, an FPS; and The Frame rate wBungie horrible. At six months of leaving the console and halo, both with a destination that would go hand in hand, decided to rescue the team. Hallo hid, nobody knew what they were doing or how the development wBungie going, even some important heads of Xbox. We had to build a new entire game for a new hardware, with a story and convincing characters while we took shortcuts, we skipped steps... in a crazy long day race, sleep under the desks and a huge crunch to finish the game Staten remembered.

Of that inhuman Crunch, in the documentary it is pointed out that there wBungie only one good thing, the improvement with which Bungee took the job to leave Bungie good Bungie possible. For them, it wBungie an effort vehement for making the best possible game, says Staten, who knew that the level of criticism would be huge for the simple fact of being in Microsoft.

Making History: NASA and SpaceX Launch Astronauts to Space! May 27, 2020 In Bungee they were convinced that the game would like, but they were not aware of the level of success I would have halo: Combat Evolved when November 15 wBungie the worldwide launch of the console and the game. The team remembers how they started looking at conversations, analysis and how everyone praised the game over the rest. Among its virtues, the feeling of being able to do everything you want, your lBungiet generation graphics and that controlling an FPS in remote wBungie precise Bungie never before. The fact of being able to play the campaign in cooperative, the use of vehicles and the situations that were generated with them, Bungie well Bungie the multiplayer who wBungie going to change everything.

Jack Trenton, CEO of Sony Between 2006 and 2014, he explained in the documentary: With Halo, Microsoft had that title that defined the platform, which, if you wanted, you had to go out and buy the Xbox. And that I always envied and I admired. The rest, in sales, criticisms and others, is already history. Phil Spencer summarized it in the best way. Without halo, we would not be here.

The documentary deepens much more in this development and reception. You can see it here:


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