Dwarf mining cooperation on PS4 / PS5 Deep Rock Galactic domestic delivery on January 4? Appeared in the planned list of PS STORE

Coffee Spot Studios is a Swedish video game developer based in Stove. At the same time, the firm is among the 8 individually operating divisions of the Swedish Embrace Team. Under the label Coffee Spot Publishing, the business additionally serves as an author for the games of other developers groups in addition to its own manufacturing. The firm is known for the strategy as a joked video game Goat Simulator, a simulation in which the player controls a goat. Coffee Stain Studios was founded in 2010 by some pupils of Stove University of Applied Sciences as a start-up firm. The first video game of the studio was the straightforward mobile game I Love Strawberries.I'm year 2018 the workshop was taken control of by the Swedish THE Nordic (today Embrace Team).

About the mining FPS Deep Rock Galactic that Developer's Ghost Ship Games seems to be distributed domestically on January 4, 2022, about Deep Rock Galactic.

This work is distributed by PC / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S version, and PS4 / PS5 version is announced overseas on December 1st. And it was revealed that it will be a January PS Plus free play title overseas. At the time of writing this paper, although it is unrealized for Japan, this work is posted in the Game for the scheduled to be released in the future of the domestic PS STORE. It is unknown whether for free play, but it is scheduled to be delivered January 4.

Deep Rock Galactic is a mining FPS that supports up to four cooperative plays. The player is a dwarf employee serving as a mining company, and challenges the mining of the mine in the planet that is the most important and dangerous in the galactic system. The player character has a Gunner with an excellent attack ability, Scout with lighting tools that illuminate dark caves, and drillers with high drilling ability to open up road, and support turret, and engineer 4 You can choose from one class.

The stage is a huge cave that is randomly generated every time you play. If there is no light, it is a place where you can not expect, and various monsters are in a place where you are nested, but here valuable ore is filled in that. Digging the caves by making full use of the mining tools and examining the veins with the survey tool, and then collect as needed from the company as needed. And if you achieve the purpose, return to the escape pod and return. Upgrade weapons and equipment and challenge mining again.

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) January 2022 (PS+)

As mentioned earlier, this work is distributed with PC / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S version. 97% of STEAM's user reviews won the overwhelming popular that is well-received, and he has topped 3 million copies of sales in November this year (related articles). A number of updates have been made since the start of early access delivery in 2018, and the PS4 / PS5 version delivered this time is the latest version. Although the PS4 and PS5 players can be played together, they do not cope with cross play with the PC / XBOX version.

Deep Rock Galactic PS4 / PS5 version will be delivered January 4, 2022. PC and Overseas Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S version are also delivered, and the season 02 will be started in March 2022 or April 2022. Since the season 02, in addition to the implementation of the season event, it is said that we plan to add four new secondary weapons.


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