Collaboration products of Razer and Halo Infinite appeared! A new color and high-speed charger of controller that can be used with PC or Xbox are also released

Gaming device manufacturer Racer, in turn will be released from the 2021 December 8, the collaboration products of the FPS will be released to the (water) Halo Infinite December 10 (Friday). Together, and PC · controller that can be used in the Xbox series Racer Wolverine V2 Chroma of white-collar, also charging stations can be charged in a short period of time the controller of the Xbox Racer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox It will be sold.

About Racer Halo Infinite Edition

Racer Halo Infinite Edition, the master chief of special forces personnel that appeared in the popular FPS Halo series has been worn, was created in the image of the iconic Mjölnir powered assault armor. Fully equipped with a PC and peripherals for the Xbox of the United Nations Space Command certified, we established a Linen readiness. Please see here for the detail.

Racer DeathAdder V2 Halo Infinite Edition

As of Mjölnir armor of Master Chief, Racer DeathAdder V2 is greatly enhanced the speed, reflection, and accuracy of combatants in hand, it will change the flow of battle. To take advantage of the legendary form factor of ergonomics, such as the Master Chief, lets conquered in tracking the enemy with outstanding accuracy the speed of light. It is to be noted that this product has been enclosed code in the bonus Rewards Fang emblem game, the price is ¥10,980 (tax included).

Racer Death adder V2 Gaming Mouse Halo Infinite Edition ¥10,980



Racer Blackwood V3 Halo Infinite Edition

Strictly to observe the hidden truth, nefarious war chief, even if you want to track the whereabouts of Esucharamu, intuitive reactive and elasticity of operable mechanical keyboard of Racer will be strong support. 80 million times a mechanical switch having excellent durability to withstand the keystroke of, will become partner to rely on than any weapon of the Spartans. It is to be noted that this product has been enclosed code in the bonus Rewards Fang emblem game, the price is ¥23,800 (tax included).

Racer Blackwood V3 Gaming Keyboard Halo Infinite Edition

This Xbox Pro Controller got a Big Upgrade ¥23,800



Racer Kiera Pro for Xbox Halo Infinite Edition

Racer Triforce titanium 50 mm headset equipped with a driver, in order to reproduce every detail of the audio by the patented 3-part design, you can quickly detect the enemy lurking in the vicinity at the time to confront the force of varnish door. To this product are enclosed code in the bonus Rewards of Death Lee poison Armor coating game, the price is ¥22,800 (tax included).

Racer Kiera Pro for Xbox (Halo Infinite Edition) ¥22,800



Racer Goliath us Extended Chroma Halo Infinite Edition

Racer Chroma RGB compatible mouse pads, can be customized in 16.8 million color variations and many of the overwhelming effect of, us in light of the way the player moves forward. The code of this item is in-game bonus Rewards 5 challenge swaps has been enclosed, the price is ¥10,980 (tax included).

About Racer Wolverine V2 Chroma White

White-collar appeared to Wolverine V2 Chroma, which was released this fall. This product PC (Windows ® 10 and later), Xbox Series X | wired gaming controller designed for S, allows excellent accuracy and control the game with advanced custom properties. In addition, the price is 19,800 yen (tax included).

In addition, the improved L-shaped hand grip is equipped with a non-slip rubber grip, there is a light while also hold a sense, you can enjoy a long period of time of game play in a natural operation. To further interchangeable thumb stick Wolverine V2 Chroma White it is, comes with a set of short cap and long cap. Even got to how the thumb stick, you can accurate analog motion feel more natural.

Four on the back to the controller, comes with a two and a total of six multi-function button on the LR section. Furthermore, PC, Xbox Series X | S, can be customized settings if you use the app Racer Controller Setup for Xbox, which is designed for Xbox One. Or allocation change of buttons and triggers, or by adjusting the sensitivity clutch level and enjoy a perfect gaming experience. Please see here for the detail.

Racer Wolverine V2 Chroma (White) PC & XBOX for controller ¥19,800



Racer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox

Racer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox, the corresponding to all the wireless controller except for the Xbox Elite controller 2. A short period of time can be charged, to prevent overheating or a short circuit with an overcharge prevention function. In addition, the product of simple design in 5 colors, you do not have charging is interrupted worry in the magnetic design to be fixed to firmly stand the controller. The price is 6,980 yen (including tax), please visit here for details. In addition, Aqua Shift does not have a handling in Japan.

Racer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox (Carbon Black) Universal rapid charging stand for Xbox ¥6,980



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