343i recommends not using the Quick function Resume in Halo Infinite

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HALO INFINITE Finally it is available all over the world, which means that many fans have already put on your hands to the campaign of this anticipated title. As if you know, it is possible to unlock cosmetic accessories for the multiplayer in your history mode, but 343 Industries warns that there is a problem related to the function Quick Resume of Xbox Series X | S, And recommend not you use for now.

Brian Harvard, D Director Community of Halo Infinite, warned that some cosmetic objects for the multiplayer that unlocks in the campaign may not appear on the menu if you are offline or disconnected from the services, Something that normally happens after using the Quick Resume.

The good news is that your authors are aware of this problem and are already working on a solution. In fact, all those objects that unlock will be added later to your inventory, that is, this bug will not take away from which you had already achieved. By while, it suggests not using the Quick summarizes and make sure you are connected when you venture to the single-player campaign.

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Here at Atomic is already ready our review Halo Infinite and here you can know our opinions on the new exclusive of Xbox.

Editor's note: Fortunately, it is a minor problem, which is affecting a certain number of users, at least it will have a solution. 343i did a great job polishing this game, and that one-year delay certainly helped them to give us an experience worthy of playing and remembering for many more years.


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