You have to know about the Grand Prix of Brazil

Red Bull Pilot Max Remove Last to its first World Cup title in Formula 1. The Grand Prix of São Paulo in Interlagos on Sunday (18 o clock, live! At Red Bull) will show how close the Dutchman comes to his dream. Or can Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton draw four races in front of the season finale?

Cans tapping already after the World Cup?

The World Cup leader is at least short before. 19 points More has the Dutch Red Bull Pilot as its pursuer Hamilton in Mercedes. Trapping travels one after the other with two Grand Prix win. And the Autonomy José Carlos Pace is located on about 800 meters above sea level Red Bull. It is difficult to say how competitive we will be. In 2019, we won the race, but it was a close fight all the time. I expect it all the time Also something similar this year, said stages. Before the fourth-last season race, he made a visit on his way to his first World Cup Nelson Piqued Senior, father of his girlfriend Kelly and three times Formula 1 world champion, a visit.

Is Hamilton still trust the World Cup turn?

It is getting closer for the seven world champion. Hamilton must finally win again. His last Grand Prix victory luck to him in Russia at the end of September. We believe that we have a solid car and can be closer to Red Bull as well as here, Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff said before departure from Mexico. The altitude air is Red Bull and the Honda engine. Brazil is therefore still regarded as a course, which is particularly opposing the stake-up racing stable. Subsequently, the desert triple with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi stands — Mercedes should be better able to do here. Hamilton stressed to give everything for his eighth title. In front of the gates of São Paulo, after all, 2016 and 2018 was victorious.

What has it with the sprint race?

According to Silverstone and Monza, Formula 1 in Interlagos contributes to the third and last time this season a shrinkage race. There should be additional tension to the Grand Prix weekend. Finally, the sprint winner even gets three points, the second two and the third one more counter. The mini-event on Saturday is a race over 100 kilometers distance, which corresponds to 24 rounds in Interlagos. The fans should receive 25 to 30 minutes spectacle with free tire selection and without strategic help from the command level. The result of the sprint determines the startup for the Grand Prix on Sunday. The usual qualification with the three K.o rounds takes place on Friday. The result of this unit is the basis for the sprint list tags.

Why Is The Brazilian Grand Prix ALWAYS Good?

How much drama potential offers Interlagos?

Brazil s controversial President Jair Bolsonaro had seen in 2019 the Formula 1 race of Brazil from 2021 almost 100 percent in Rio de Janeiro. But first came the Corona Pandemic — and then nothing changed at the site São Paulo. After a year break, Formula 1 is back in Interlagos, in the most populous state. It is considered the success of Governor João Doris. More important than what to take behind the scenes is what happens in beautiful regularity on the asphalt in front of the gates of São Paulo. In the history of the Grand Prix there were many dramas, which also has to do with the partly adverse weather conditions, when heavy rains face the riders from big challenges.