World Cup host Qatar welcomes Germany with flag ceremony

TEC MO World Cup 90 is a video clip game of Game football released in 1989 by TEMPO. An unofficial version of the game called Euro League consisted of clubs from the old continent. A not so true to Arcade was created by Sims for the Sega Mega Drive relabelled as Team World Cup 92 and released only in Japan.

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Around a year before the start of the World Cup, Qatar Germany has officially welcomed with a flag ceremony. The Supreme Committee in Qatar invited the ambassadors and other representatives of all qualified countries on Sunday to hatch their country flags at Doha s Cornice promenade. For Germany, Ambassador Claudius Pinchback participated in the ceremony, also representatives of France, Brazil, Belgium and Denmark came. I think Germany is very happy about the qualification. We qualified as the first nation of everyone, said German ambassadors in a statement. This ceremony should now be carried out with each other country qualified. Soon, this arena will be filled with flags of the qualifying countries and represent the excitement from the end games, said Secretary-General of the Canal Soccer Association, Monsieur Al An sari.