Wonder People, New Super People from December 7th Global CBT

Seafarer Moon (セーラームーン, era mun), abbreviation for Bishop sense sailor moon (美少女 戦士 セーラームーン, Bishop Sens hi era mun, list. The appealing warrior seafarer moon in French) is a franchise of Japanese media, consisting of manga, Animals, musicals, drama, video clip games as well as different by-products, produced by NATO Takashi in 1992. Each adjustment of the franchise business uses up the adventures of Usage Taking, a banal and clumsy young adult, who is in fact Sailor Moon, a heroine with wonderful powers. Boxer fighter in the name of love and justice, it is joined by numerous allies, all placed under the security of a world of the planetary system. Although it is criticized for its repeated and irregular scenario, Sailor Moon becomes a successful series around the globe as well as contributes to the revival of the category Wonderful Girl. In 1993, the book won the Manga Romansh reward in the Japanese animation classification won the Anime Grand Prix in 1992. The last is relayed in France in December 1993 and the manga is published 2 years later at Great. At the same time, the collection is adjusted in numerous musicals in 1993, after that is acquired from Japanese drama in 2003, before being decreased again in cartoon, entitled Pretty Guardian Seafarer Moon Crystal, in July 2014.

[Eye News 24 Moon Young — Sew] Wonder People (First) announced on December 7, which comes to the Global Private Test (CBT) of the shooting game Super People.

Super People are a PC-based battle Royal Shooting game that is a PC-based battle of Wonder Phi, which is established by the father of the father of Dungeon & Fighter.

Super People Extended CBT Trailer

It is characterized by playing one of the 12 super-seams with a variety of characteristics and special skills, and can be played differently through the ultimate group that can be obtained by growing super seams.

On this day, the published video shows a sense of sensual, trendy, and a cut scene that is sensuous, trendy directing and each class s colorful skill.

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Wonder Puff is scheduled to provide improved game properties such as CBT ▲ Class skills and firearm balance adjustments ▲ Sound play high degree ▲ 1 person mode development ▲ UI improvement.

Park Surgeon Wonder People Director, This CBT plans to introduce more solid basic equipment and improved gameability based on the various opinions of the users participating in the last alpha test, said Park Surgeon, I asked for a lot of interest and participation in the Global Private Test of Super People s Global Private Test to enjoy gameplay.


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