Wolfsburg: Mark van Bommel s congratulations to Ridle Baku

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For many, it was just a hit by many last Thursdays when Germany won 9-0 against Liechtenstein, but for Ride Baku, his debtor meant much more in the dress of the A national team. Of course it is better, he says. Playing in Wolfsburg, even from the beginning, and then to make a goal — that was very surprising for me.

His Schooner into the angle was an eye-catcher — and brought him numerous congratulations. Among other things from ex-coach Mark van Rommel, which was released at the end of October in Wolfsburg. He wrote to me, says Baku, he was looking forward to me.

Baku put a fragrance brand in the fight for the World Cup places in the bid of Hans Flick. How does he see, who had been sent home from the national coach prematurely home, his chances? I m in the raffle, the competition but is great with Jonas Hoffmann, Hilo Keeper and Lukas Klostermann. I can only influence it here in the club.

At VFL, which after the coach change from Van Rommel to Florian Krefeld is back on course. What does the new coach do differently than the old one? Now, Baku explains, the old virtues that made us strongly made us in the past season, visible again. A high intensity, aggressive game against the ball, everyone is there for the other. It s a pity that Mark is not there anymore, says the 23-year-old, but also says: It s about the club and the matter.