Valorant - Patch 3.10: Chamber arrives as a new agent next to a great change to the rankeds

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Although updates to Valorant have been constant since its launch, the latest versions did not include many major changes as expected. Sim But the patch 3.10 mark a major change in trend. Riot Games has prepared very interesting new features for this release will come marked by the launch of Chamber as a new character and a great change to heading qualifiers that will allow us to play with our friends without worry.

3.10 Patch : Two great new features and a small absence

The new contents of this Act 3 of Chapter 3 of Valorant has come fragmented along two versions. In the last update we received the new pass battle and officially began this last episode, but it was not until this time that Chamber has joined the party because clearly some problems that delayed its release. An arrival highly anticipated that order is produced and comes from the hand to the adjustments already announced by Riot Games to ranked, but that is counterbalanced by the lack of balance adjustments or improvements expected to You that still does not start.

Chamber, the new agent Valorant

NEW PATCH 3.10 LIVE - NEW AGENT CHAMBER, HUGE RANKED REWORK - Valorant Update Guide Characterized by having weapons skills, the Chamber details have already been revealed. You can learn more about it below:

Changes to the qualifying matches: 5 vs 5 arrives

From the introduction of the 3.10 patch, we can play games qualifying in groups of five players without any restriction of range. However, yes there will be a series of consequences for our profit and loss league points in this game mode to keep the system up range easily abused:

Groups of 5 in the division between ranges and below Diamond 2: Without consequences, but queue times will increase, and we will face only five other groups with a similar range. Groups of 5 exceeding the limit of separation ranges and below Diamond 2: receive a profit and loss league points of 50% if there is a range of additional separation and 75% if two or more. A member of the group is Diamond 3 or higher: increase further queue times and will default reduced 50% to league points. Depending on ranges separation, reduction can increase up to 90% (75% with a player under diamond 3 with two players or more ranges separation). A member of the group is Radiant: will increase indefinitely queue times. If five players group includes Radiant points earned will be reduced by 75%. The penalty will increase to 90% if a member of the group is below this range.

In addition to these measures, Riot Games has eliminated the possibility of playing in groups of four.

Other changes

In addition to these changes, there are quality of life adjustments and corrections.


Icons of the agents and not blocked will remain for the observer to the use Broadcast Minimal HUD. Observers now have different colors for attackers (red) and defenders (green-blue). Now there will be a yellow line on the minimal shows the player being observed.


Fixed bug that could cause packet loss would play at 128 frames per second Fixed bug that allowed game invite players who were already in our room Fixed a bug that caused the minimal zoom in observer mode will not work Fixed bug that did not allow coaches spectate a player using some skills Fixed bug of cinematic cameras and keyboard shortcuts