Participate in Christmas anecdotes 2021!

Christmas anecdotes is back! Yes, you read well. Our classic Show December is back, so we can spend a great time enjoying the best moments of Christmas and video games, concepts we all know, go completely by hand. For this 2021 we will have a great variety of gifts, so we recommend being very attentive. How can you be part of the celebration? When will the Special Program be released? Then we tell you everything.

The first thing is that we can confirm that the main publishers of the industry have joined our initiative so that all this can come true, so you can expect that the prizes have to do with full games launched Recently on all platforms. The second thing is that on this occasion, the special Christmas anecdotes 2021 will be carried out by means of podcast. This program will be transmitted on our YouTube channel Next December 22, where all the staff of atomic will share the best anecdotes that have come to us, choose which prizes each one takes.

But good, how can you participate? You just have to send us an apromo@anecdotes where in no more than half a quarter or 500 words, tell us the best Christmas anecdote you have and how clear, is related to video games. It is very important that the story is true, we realize very easily if the story is being inventing. For this year we will give priority to the happiest, fun and funny anecdotes that arrive.

In addition to the above, it is very important that in the mail you put us full name, where you are from — you can participate even if you do not live in Mexico-, as well as what consoles do you have and / or if it is that Beads with a PC to play. These data are of the utmost importance. If your email lacks one of them, unfortunately we can not select your anecdote to participate.

The deadline to participate is December 15.

In summary you need:

—Core to promo@anecdotes.

Reading Your Christmas Stories

—Redact your anecdote in a text that does not exceed 500 words.

—Full name.

—Place where you live.

—Consoles you have and / or PC to play.

Good luck and we hope your participation!


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