Let's Build A Zoo In Test: Crazy Animals, Management and Chaos

Let's Build A Zoo is a simulation game where you build your own zoo. These include besides building societies also buying and acting of animals with other zoos, managing employees and providing visitors.

In the beginning you have a small property and a bit of money. From this one builds the first enclosure and buys the first animals, which of course can immediately move into their new home.

The enclosures must meet the needs of the animals. So it takes sufficient water sources with appropriate pumping system, toys and decorations to make everything nice to make the little ones feel comfortable. Gradually, more and more different animals are unlocked, which you can get in the zoo by exchanging them either with other zoos or saved them for little money from the shelter.

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I Turned A Peaceful Zoo Into A BACON FACTORY in Lets Build A Zoo 1. 1.1De animals his enclosure 2. 1.2Genome or how my hare got a snake head 3. 1.3GUTE employees are important 4. 1.4money, money, money 2. Page 2Let's Build A Zoo In Test: Crazy Animals, Management and Chaos — Page 2 1. 2.1st customer is king 2. 2. Naturally, you have to unlock everything 3. 2.3moral or immoral, that's the question 4. 2.4 Ecological thinking and independence 5. 2.5 times again error 6. 2.6What you can expect from the game 3rd page 3 picture gallery for Let's Build a zoo in the test: crazy animals, management and...

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New lands can also be purchased to accommodate more animals. Of course, for means of transport must also be taken care of the visitors to the zoo.

Each animal his enclosure

Of course, not every animal needs the same external circumstances. Thus, various enclosures are needed, such as forest enclosures for wild boars or arctic enclosures for penguins and seals — by the way all just curl up. All in all, the appearance of the animals is very cute and nice. You can place each enclosure freely and animals that do not have much to do a lot together to neighbors. Source: PC Games Also, some animals, such as rabbits, may be cuddly and do not need so much spout, while bears need a generous enclosure with plenty of space. In addition, you need a lot of water and toys to stay happy. On all this you have to pay attention as a responsible owner of course — a corresponding notifying at the edge does it also permanently divide it.

If the enclosure is too full, you have to make sure that some animals make room. How to do that is left to yourself. You can build a release station and released its animals into the free nature.

This has the advantage that you can increase the stocks of vulnerable animals. But they can also give away them against a small contribution to the fee and rather immoral zoo directors may even let the covers sleep.

Genome or how my bunny got a snake head

Various aspects must be fulfilled in the animal park. It is not enough to have only cute animals, you also need light, a research station, food, ways and much more. Source: Games Each of the over 500 different animals has ten different variations that can be generated by targeted mating in the breeding station. So far as normal. If one is not enough, you can create your own animal creatures. Here are the imagination no limits.

As soon as the animals have been part of the zoos sometime, they have saved their DNA. This is then used to cross two animals with each other. Whether you create a rabbit with snake head, or the pig has suddenly a duckbill, everything is possible.

Of course, there is a lot to consider. In which enclosure the new creations come? Can one put the hare with a snake head in the hare enclosure or rather to the snakes? That always depends on it, but is displayed by the game, which does not have to try much. The animals should always be in a gun environment and at the same time do not bring the roommates of the hover in danger.

Good staff are important

Even at night, visitors want to stay in the zoo, which is why you have to worry about sufficient lighting. Source: Games The zoo can have so cute or special animals as he wants as soon as the staff is not suitable, it will not be good for the animals. You have different employees who need the zoo. In addition to the animal keepers, the caretaker, mascot, sales order and a lot more belong.

Of course, the different employees also have different tasks. Animal Keepers are there to feed the animals and keep the enclosure clean. Caretaker sweeps the ways and keep the park clean. However, the effectiveness must be respected here.

If you make all employees free, they can not worry about everything. Therefore, there is the possibility to allocate areas to which you need to take care of.

New jobs can be advertised, and the applicants are examined by a portal. Your properties can be viewed with all advantages and disadvantages. If an employee is unmotivated, he will make pauses of breaks and do not reach his workload. If he is unfriendly, the customers may not want to buy anything from him. So we have to weigh which properties are important to successfully lead the zoo.

Money, Money, Money

Of course, as always, it's about it financially well. This requires an appropriate ticket price, but also the shops are there to generate money. With these, the price can be increased to maximize the profit margin. Also, ingredients can be changed.

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Animals can be changed here to increase the style of the animal in free wildlife. [Source: Games]

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