He always protected us!

Jeffrey Kaplan says Jeff Kaplan, was the Vice Head Of State of Blizzard Entertainment from 2013 to 2021, He researched creative writing at the University of The golden state from southern 1991 to 1995 and afterwards at the College of New York from 1996 to 1998, where he obtained a master s degree in arts. He presently lives in The golden state.

Jeff Kaplan was not only the boss for many years, but also the face of the Overwatch franchise at Blizzard. Until he suddenly left the company last April. Why, why, or why that was the case, is not known today. However, the loss of Kaplan quickly stepped into the background in the course of the summer when Blizzard had to deal with the well the largest scandal of the company s history whose waves are not yet subsided.

In this course, there were also guesses loud that the emerging scandal could have had something to do with Kaplan s retreat and that he had been the first victim among the developers. For example, allusions to chaplain from Overwatch 2 were removed. However, that did not suit the image of the Father Jeff, which always showed himself quietly in the biggest infants and with his left and self-skelonical style a great reputation in The community enjoyed.

Jeff Kaplan has protected his employees

In the course of another discussion, one of the current producers from Overwatch per Twitter was now worded. The chaplain you know would have been a great guy who hated the corporate bullshit at Blizzard and against the bitter end, however. Tracy Kennedy works as a producer in the Overwatch team at Blizzard. Source: Desert / Twitter later she specified her statement even further and explained that Jeff Kaplan has always asked about his staff and tried to protect them from all the corporate culture and the pressure he is harmful to the project, but especially for The developers held. His philosophy had been to protect their own employees from all this toxicity. That s the reason why they had such a good team.

Meanwhile, Aaron Keller has taken over the position of Jeff Kaplan and many employees have left Blizzard in the meantime — according to Tracy Kennedy also due to the shock over all the incidents.

Did Jeff Kaplan therefore had to go?

This statement, of course, throws a completely different light on the farewell of Jeff Kaplan, which left Blizzard without prior notice and in the middle of the hot development phase of Overwatch 2 — without giving reasons. Could it be that he has lost the fight against the toxic corporate culture, which did not get to the public only a few months later?

At least it would not be unthinkable that the blizzard leadership of an uncomfortable employee who also has a significant influence. For as we know now, today s scandals and the Frat Culture in the company up were known to the top Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kick.

In Kaplan Farewells-Twitter Post also stands out a line with this review.

Never Accept The World As It Appears To Be. Always Dare To See It for What It Could Be. I Hope You Do The Same.

At that time most of them were probably assumed that it is an allusion to the wonderful world of video games, where you can make the world as you like it.

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But today it seems more like a first indication that Jeff Kaplan may have fought hard against the prevailing corporate culture at that time. At the same time that would mean that he had hardly been voluntarily went, but had to go. Because otherwise he would have accepted the circumstances.

Editor s note : The author of these lines would not even be surprised in retrospect if Jeff Kaplan, with whom he had multi-personal discussions in the context of Blazon, would have been involved at least partially involved in the subsequent complaints against Blizzard. Whether as an information supplier or driving force is heard. However, that s similar as the reasons for Kaplan dismissal, pure speculation and will probably never be fully clarified.

Overwatch Educational hitscan unranked to GM part 1

How did your Jeff Kaplan, who were not seen as one of the few high-ranking employees on the picture of the Cosby Suite?


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