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What laws would Geralt and the Witchers stop us right away?

The legal representatives of the Hansel attorneys have actually grasped their luggage once again according to their Middle-earth right check and the (admittedly not entirely clear) information of the concern of who belongs, and have actually taken a trip to another dream world, specifically that of Gerald, Cirri and Co.! In the brand-new video this time it has to do with whether the Pitchers, they would pertain to us, must really remain in Germany, or whether they would be prohibited from right, and they would have to leave us alone with our monster problems and withdraw unintentionally. The new video of Hansel legal representatives is not only worried with this, however also with much more strange concerns! is roach saved free of charge from the roofing system? What about the rescue of wild and farm animals in Germany: should be requested cash and would constantly be in some way clammy Gerald, because the Sumerian fire brigade would request huge quantities just because it was root

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